Sunday, December 2, 2012

Engagement in islam ^^!

                  Engagement(pertunangan) is same as khitbah in Arabic or known by the term engagement. Engagement or khitbah or proposal, which is a binding agreement that is made between the man and the woman to get married. Khitbah intended to close the opportunity for another man who had proposed to woo women. Rasulullah SAW said, "It is not lawful for you on the sale of the sale of others, and not lawful for thee engagement engagement on the other."

               Engagement by Greek history. Before getting married, do regular Greek society engagement. In this case, a man asks the woman he loves on her father married the woman for. When both parties agree on the marriage, embed engagement ring on left ring finger each pair. Then the happiness of welcoming guests by saying "Kala stephand" (crown well, hopefully good marriage). Funny thing is, this habit is not done anymore in Athens, but exactly grow beyond Athena. In Islam, the engagement was first performed at the time of Ignorance. Imam Bukhari narrated by 'A'isha., That at the time of ignorance are the four kinds of marriage. First, marriage as happens now, starting with the proposal to the parent or guardian, and to pay dowry and marriage. Second, a husband ordered his wife to marry another person to order a good descent.

If according to Malay customs, delivery of goods shall be given in odd numbers and items from the woman to be a bit more than the men. For example, 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11. But for engagement ceremony, usually people will choose the number of 5-7 (5 trays male, female 7 trays).
Next, think about the budget that you have saved to buy the gifts this engagement. For the engagement, it is not recommended to buy the gifts that are too expensive. It is sufficient to purchase items that we would use or that we will wear during the wedding ceremony later.
For men, for example, may RM1000 is enough to make 'capital' engagement. However, before choosing the delivery goods, we need to take into account the customs of their respective states as well. Because each state has its own custom.
For example, if on the East coast, the woman will receive two types of rings and engagement rings inquire if both combined once the ceremony. While if the other states, spy ring may not be necessary.
So, it is better to be fiancee discuss with their parents before sending select items.

List of common goods and suitable for engagement delivery of goods to the woman:
1. Betel trellis
2. Malay shirt / shirt / t-shirt
3. Belt and wallet (choose which sold a set - complete with the box once)
4. Songket
5. Prayer
6. Towel
7. Cakes / glutinous yellow / halwa / TasteSpotting / pudding etc.
8. Chocolate or other sweets
9. Cake
11. fruits

List engagement delivery of goods on behalf of men:
1. Engagement ring (usually ring cane sides)
2. Betel-leaf box
3.  cloth (or ready stitched blouse)
4. Prayer veil
5. Cake
6. Fruit
7. Chocolate or other sweets
8. Cakes / glutinous yellow / halwa / TasteSpotting / pudding etc.

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