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safe GAZA :(

        Peeps as we all know...Gaza is in trouble now...its all because of inhuman Zionist regime....
Who was Zionist regime??

  Early History of the Zionist Movement

Name figures as the Pioneers Zionist Jews like Theodore Herzl (1860-1904) is certainly well known, but in fact it has been pioneered since hundreds of years ago by people like Shabbetai Zvi (1626-1676), Judah Alkalai (1798-1878), Moses Hess ( 1812-1875), and Leo Pinsker (1821-1871). Zionist movement was launched by Theodore Herzl in 1897 and certified in the World Zionist Congress' in Basle on 27-29 August 1897. This movement has become a global effort to create a state of Israel in Palestine and to gain support for its existence. Herzl create strong ties to secure the support of the big powers and persuade the British to be involved in Jewish Project.

In fact, the Palestinian state is not preferred as the establishment of a Jewish state, but Herzl choose a country in Africa, namely Uganda as an option but rejected during the Second Zionist Conference. In 1898, during his visit to Palestine, he is not interested in the Palestinians because the Palestinians when it was dirty and contamination. Finally, to maintain its strategy to continue in power, Herzl had agreed to Palestine as an option the establishment of Israel. Among the efforts made by Herzl is offering financial assistance to the Sultan Abdul Hamid (Ottoman Empire) in exchange for the establishment of the state of Israel in Palestine, the Sultan Abdul Hamid decided to reject the proposal. The British took over the Zionist World Zionist Organization Project on sponsorship Herzl failed to achieve great success and the British finally managed to get a Palestinian state in September 1918.

During British rule in Palestine (1918-1948), the Palestinian state has opened doors and wide to admit Jewish refugees from all over the world. Jewish population increased dramatically from 55,000 people (1918) to 00 646 people (1948). After the 2nd World War and the establishment of Israel in Palestine, the Zionists have difficulty to persuade more Jews into Palestine. If this continues, the state of Israel will have a problem in terms of demographics when native Palestinians of millions of people. But the Holocaust happened in Europe seem to be a conspiracy to return the Jewish people in Europe forced to rethink their move back to Palestine.

Christian Zionists
Perhaps the term is something new and foreign, in fact it is the backbone of much help to create and sustain the state of Israel in Palestine. Christian Zionism can be interpreted as the Christians who support the return of the Jews to Palestine according to the Biblical prediction. It is a belief among some Christians who believe the Messiah coming to earth and reign as King. Christian Zionists interpret the Torah and the New Testament as a future prediction of how the world ends with the coming of Jesus from heaven that will rule the world. The existence of Israel is considered to be the central point of their vision. Refer to the pamphlet issued by Prebyterian Church (USA), the Christian Zionist associate a literal interpretation of Genesis 12:3 is referring to Israel is, "I will bless Those who bless you, and the one curses you will CURSE."

Support groups are not new, but starting as early as 1880 when William Hechler form a Zionist Christian community to support the migration of Russian Jews to Palestine. Several years later, he befriended Theodor Herzl Herzl after reading the book, entitled The Jewish State and help increase support for Zionism movement. In 1980, Jerry Falwell, the founder of Moral Majority (pro-Zionism movement) says about the state of Israel, "I firmly Believe Because God has blessed America America has blessed the Jew. If this nation Wants her fields to jocko white with grain, her scientific Achievements to jocko notable, and her freedom to jocko intact, America must Continue to stand with Israel. "
Through charity work, political support and financial aid to Israel, Christian Zionists have shown that they are the best enemies of the Israeli state. There are several examples that prove this fact, among which are: Pastor John Hagee has managed to collect USD 4.7 Million to be channeled to the United Jewish Communities, Pat Robertsons of the Christian Broadcasting Network has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Jews worldwide to move to Israel. In the current context, we can see the U.S. government support and generally west of the state of Israel with billions of dollars of financial assistance and military support for security reasons.
Naturei Karta
As stated earlier, not all Jews are Zionists, and vice versa. The existence of the Neturei Karta (The Guardians of the City) has confirmed this fact. According to their understanding, the Zionist movement and the establishment of Israel was designed to undermine the Jewish religion. They also claimed that Zionism movement never represent the Jewish people as a whole and those who adhere to the Zionist ideology are considered infidels by them. This movement was founded in Jerusalem, Palestine in 1938 as a result of the breakdown fragments Agusdas Yisroel. Agusda Yisroel exist initially opposed Zionism, but eventually began to weaken the hold it once more among his followers began to be influenced by Zionism movement. This problem persists when Rabbi Cook the Elder issued a fatwa compulsory for Jews around the world support Zionism movement based on an interpretation of the Talmud. For those who are still staying true to the original and continuing opposition to Zionism, they isolate themselves from the group and formed Agusdas Yisroel Neturei Karta.

Among the significant differences between the groups Zionist Neturei Karta is their attitude to the issue of the state of Israel in Palestine. Neturei Karta group at all against the construction of Israel (Erez Yizrael) because of the impression that they are God's right to decide, not to mention the construction of the Erez Yizrael shed much blood and take other people's rights. They hold on to what is mentioned in the Tenach, "not with armed force and not with power, but in My spirit says the Lord of Hosts." They really believe in the coming Messiah who was promised by God to return to Palestine and live together peacefully and harmony with other residents in the fear of God. Something interesting to share with us, there are versions of the story of the Messiah in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, but what is the truth behind the story from the perspective of Islamic Messiah?

Something interesting to share, this group not only does not recognize Zionism movement, they were widely issued statements stating their willingness to live under the government under the rule of Islam against Zionism. This statement is made in their newspapers since the year 1944 again. They also often issuing statements condemning the Israeli government and the Israeli flag hanging often partial pole when the day of national celebration of the establishment of Israel done on a yearly basis. Boldest statement ever issued by them is about their willingness to live together with Muslims in an Islamic state of Palestine. This has brought about a negative reaction by the Zionists as their placement in Sherim mea-dihuru was stirred and destabilize the Zionist regime. Finally, they decided to go out turned away from the Palestinian territories.

Neturei Karta movement now has 60,000 members worldwide and is based in Brooklyn, USA. They also often in relation to the United Nations (UN) to express their views on the issue of Palestine and called on the UN to not recognize the existence of Israel. Their efforts also include the international community when it called on the world community not to recognize the existence of Israel and it must be replaced with an independent Palestinian state.

Lets take a look what did israel done to people in gaza....

so cruel those people!! could them did this to other people...they r cruel!!!

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